One thing that always bugged me about Emacs is that when it runs under Windows it thinks that the home directory is %APPDATA%. That leads to thousand problems with other software that is supposed to be run from within Emacs. Like, for example, git. When I use git outside of Emacs it acts like %USERPROFILE% is the home directory. I mean %USERPROFILE% really IS the home directory, and the git's behaviour is rather logical. But when I run git from within Emacs using something like start-process-shell-command function (yes, I actually do this, it is required to automatically synchronize my org-mode notes between different devices), it thinks that it is in completelly different environment.

There is a little section in the official Emacs documentation dedicated to the home directory under Windows. The easiest solution for me is just to define %HOME% variable and target it to %USERPROFILE%. So, I did it in the console:


Actually it would be nice to have this solution as a part of my config. Something like, when the OS is Windows just setenv the HOME variable to the correct place. I'll check if this works when I have spare time.

UPD. No, we can't just do that. When Emacs first starts it reads its config from %USERPROFILE%. So setting %HOME% variable after that doesn't change anything. For me the easiest solution was to just include this step in the deployment script of my emacs config.